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    Hello All,

    I am a CWI and the fab shop that I just started working at wants to qualify a welder to an existing procedure. I previously worked at the welding lab that would take care of all of the testing for these guys but since I work for them now they would like me to do this, along with the Performance Qualification paperwork, in house. Can this be done or will ASME " frown" upon this?

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    How is the testing spelled out right now in your shop you work at the QC manual?
    If they spell it out as sent to outside agency then you have to stick to that, if it states will be tested in accordance with ASME sect IX then you should be good to go...if you perform a legitimate test and document the results and perform the inspection un biased You are good they will not frown on it I know many shops that perform their own certifications.
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