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    Angry Aerotech in Birmingham AL...I would not trust them...Heres why.

    On 08/19/15 02:24PM, Mark White wrote:
    They were giving me a bunch of grief because Im in a DOT Audit for KM, they wanted a time during this audit that I could perform a Phone interview yesterday, plus they wanted me to leave early from the project that ends sept 1st they wanted me in Mobile on the 31st.

    I figured it all out, and told Dane if he would just work with me since they did not give me an exact time of Audit, that I would make sure I could do either a 11 am his time or 1 pm his time...
    It then it occurred to me, I could schedule at 11 am for his time since that is lunch here.

    I also informed my PM that I had a phone interview and if offered the job, I was going to leave a week early and I informed Dane of that also.

    I called and left him a message in the am before he got to work as discussed the night before.
    I attempted to contact him all day and went un answered. I sent an email also un answered I reached out 7 times trying to figure out when we were going to do the interview. I was a QA QC Manager for Power plants and also I worked in Barry Steam plant when I was 19, I am 49 now.

    I dont know what kind of games he is playing, but I finally get an e mail this morning, no call or anything, and he says he was busy all day with interviews and his work.
    (Too busy to type a two line e mail or call)?

    He further stated they hired a guy that walked in, which I honestly think he is lying about. That he never told me to tell my PM I was leaving....
    I knew I had to interview, but also I do not drag up and leave people hanging...Not my reputation. Not to people that helped me buy the house my family lives in. The job is 1.5 hours from my house I would have rented there and drove back and forth for every weekend...

    He said that he would like to contact me in the future for possible positions.

    I told him I found what he did to me to be very unprofessional, and that it would have only taken a minute to contact me, and further that had I been given a chance to interview that I felt strongly I would get a position. I then told him to remove my resume' and not to contact me again.

    I appreciate the help, but it is also Aerotech and they always pay low wages and I really hate to have to stoop that low to work as CWI...
    Aerotech always is low end of pay rates they low ball everyone.

    I have other Aerotech recruiters in my site, they can send Dane a thank you for this being posted here...

    I dont know where he comes from, and I really dont care, my job is secure and they are happy I did not leave anyhow, so im ok.

    I have integrity and also a good rep for not getting run off or dragging up, and in this industry that means more to me than working 1.5 hrs from home for over 1250 less a week. Even though I would have been home every weekend except outages with my wife and two kids, 8 yr old girl and 11 yr old boy.

    Thats the rest of the ol Paul Harvey used to say.
    So I guess Ill stay on the road and keep going...
    I would like to thank you for the tip, just did not quite work out.

    This is from another inspector...
    Wow Mark. Sorry for the trouble. But if that's the games they play. Don't want anything to do with them. I am in same boat. I am not leaving here till they say thank you. There is some work coming up in Georgia soon. I hope to be closer to home myself. Take care and keep in touch.
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    Here I Go Again...

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    Plus whenever asked about working for Aerotech, unless they offer me a great job with normal pay scale, I will recommend other inspectors to only take it as a last resort...
    Here I Go Again...


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