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    Default Joseph Berkich NDT Manager

    Joseph Berkich
    [IMG]file:///C:\Users\TRUCK3~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\ 01\clip_image001.gif[/IMG]504 Walnut Street
    New Eagle, PA 15067
    (724) 470-3770

    Project Title
    Lead Inspector
    Senior NDE Inspector

    California University of Pennsylvania,
    Electrical Engineering
    ContinuingEducation: SystemOne Training Center URS Training Center Team Industrial

    Years of Experience
    18 Years

    Professional Registrations
    AWS CERT# 12091494
    Professional Affiliations
    AWS Member

    I.U.O.E. Local 112
    Professional Certifications
    LT Level II Certification
    VT Level II Certification
    PT Level II Certification
    MT Level II Certification
    RT Level II Certification
    UTT Level II Certification
    IRRSP Radiographer
    Protective Coatings Certification
    Grout and Anchors Certification
    Civil Certification
    Supervisors Training
    OSHA 10
    Microsoft office
    HDPE Pipe Training

    My main objective is to continue my education in the inspection field to better my knowledge and to become a project manager in the future.
    Professional Experience:
    03/13 – PRESENT: Prime NDT Services Inc.
    Employed as a RT, VT, PT, MT, UT Level II technician for the oil and gas industry. I am well aquainted with all major codes, ASME, AWS, API, NACE, etc. The majority of my career has been in the energy and oil and gas industry.
    07/11 – 03/13: T.E.I. Analytical Services Inc.
    Employed as a RT,VT,PT,MT, Level II technician for the pipeline industry. I am familiar with several different codes and specifications. The majority of my experience has been in the boiler, oil and gas industry.
    10/10 – 07/11: Team Industrial Services, Inc.
    Employed to provide call out NDE field services to clients. I work under several different codes and specifications. AWS D1.1, API 1104, ASME B31.1, B31.3. ASME section I, V, VIII. Most of my experience has been in boilers and pipeline work in the tri-state area. I also perform Radiography as a level I assistant.
    01/08 – 06/10 URS Washington Division
    3/22/2010 to 5/12/1010 Lead Inspector, Monroe power plant, Michigan
    _ Worked at Monroe Power Plant in Monroe Michigan as lead Inspector on night shift. Did boiler inspections on the Unit 2 outage, which was all welding inspection of boiler tube and some structural steel in the ductwork. I also did welder qualifications for common arc process 6g positions. I worked under the following codes AWS D.1.1, ASME Sections 1, 3, 5, 8and 9 and also ASME B31.1 and B31.3.
    05/07 – 12/09 Senior NDE Inspector, FGD Project, Fort Martin, West Virginia
    ● Performed visual inspections on structural, piping, duct and tank welds per specifications and codes. Performed non-destructive inspections on tank and duct welds per codes and specifications. Witnessed hydrostatic testing on pressure piping to verify both HDPE and piping welds were sound. I performed mechanical inspections on valves and bolting for piping and structural steel. Issued field appropriate reports to engineering and quality staff for retention.
    ● Witnessed and oversaw boilermakers and ironworkers qualify to AWS weld test. Additionally, performed the bend test in qualifying plate welders. Updated the boilermaker’s common arc papers to assure future welder capabilities for both URS and the welder.
    ● provided civil inspections and oversight during concrete pours. Inspections included concrete slump, air and temperature. Provided oversight and surveillance on concrete subcontractors and provided follow-up reports.
    ● Worked with the engineering groups to identify non-conforming items and activities and initiated non-conformance reports.

    02/05 - 01/08 Construction Engineering Consultants, Construction Civil Inspector.

    ● Performed concrete inspections and supervision on concrete pours for various clients. Inspections included concrete slump, air and temperature. Provided oversight and surveillance on concrete subcontractors and provided follow-up reports.
    ● Performed batch plant surveillance to verify slump and plant procedures prior to shipment to site. Performed rebar inspection to determine the proper rod setting and clearances. Was oversight on caisson-drilled piers for several clients in the Pittsburgh and West Virginia areas.

    - Conducted soil compaction tests and asphalt readings for all types of site
    materials. Performed soil proctors at lab for various projects and clients.

    03/99 – 02/2005 Boiler Technical Inspections,
    Boiler Inspector

    - Major duties on outage of boilers was to track progress of boilermaker
    welding for designated shift. Log completed welds for supervisor and all
    RT completions. Conducted welder qualifications for Common Arc

    - Performed visual inspections on structural steel and bolting of
    components. Work as client’s representative at several fabrication shops.
    Wrote daily reports to shift supervisor and/or project manager. Worked
    along with engineering to remedy problems out in the field. Received
    technical training in several non-destructive disciplines: VT, PT, MT.

    06/96 – 03/99 Day Construction Company
    Single Family Housing Construction

    - Learned all aspects of residential construction of new homes. Worked
    with subcontractor for electrical, plumbing and carpentry to meet
    scheduling deadlines.

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    Hi Joseph. Are you still in charge of NDT?
    I have a partnership proposal.
    Alexandra from Agro

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    Watch that guy. He's a piece of work. i can tell you for 100% certainty that he's even lying in his resume above that he's got a electrical engineering degree from Cal U.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pop Alexandra View Post
    Hi Joseph. Are you still in charge of NDT?
    I have a partnership proposal.
    Alexandra from Agro


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