JANX is a provider of nondestructive testing, inspection,and stress relieving services to many industries throughout the US. Our specialty is the nondestructive testingof oil and gas pipelines and related facilities. We are a first line provider of pipelineintegrity services including the location of and evaluation of internal andexternal pipeline corrosion, stress crack sizing, ultrasonic long seaminvestigations, Rstreng calculations, and many others. Having been in business for 33 years, JANX iswell known throughout industry as people of integrity. With 24 divisions in the US and over 400mobile NDT units, JANX can handle multi large and small projects on a 24/7basis. All of our NDT technicians aretrained in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing’srecommended practice SNT-TC-1A and they adhere to our rigid standards forprofessionalism, quality, production, and integrity. JANX is a subsidiary of Applus RTD, a globalsupplier of nondestructive testing services. Our services include:
Gamma and X-ray Radiographic Inspection
Wet, Dry, and Fluorescent Magnetic ParticleInspection
Dye Penetrant Inspection
Double Joint Rack and Internal Crawler X-rayInspection
Ultrasonic Straight Beam Technology
Shear Wave Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
TOFD Ultrasonic Technology
Hardness Testing
Portable Stress Relieving of Weldments
Welder Qualification and Certification
Plastic Fusion Testing
Plastic Fusion Qualification
Auto Degauss (Demagnetization)
Destructive Testing of Welder Coupons
Positive Material Identification (PMI)
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Pipeline and Plant Integrity Services
Automatic Corrosion Scanning and Mapping
Visual Inspection
Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI)
Project Inspectors (Chief, Civil, Structural,Welding, Electrical, etc.)
Level III NDT Auditors
NDT Training and Certification
CWI Training
Level III NDT Services
Film Duplication
Pipeline Anomaly Assessment Including Rstreng,KAPA, and B31G
Stress Corrosion Crack Location and Sizing
Phased Array Ultrasonics
Black and White Color Contrast Magnetic ParticleExamination
Ferrite Testing
Digital Radiography
Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Weldments(AUT)
Sonic Leak Testing
Incotest automated location of externalcorrosion under insulation or cladding
External corrosion, dent, mechanical damage, orthird party damage mapping via laser scanning of pipe
Pipeline integrity services
Vacuum box leak testing
Welding procedure qualifications
Real Time Radiography (no film, chemicals, ordarkroom; all on computer)
To find out more about JANX, please contact our operationsdepartment at (517) 531-8210 or email info.janx@applusrtd.com.