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    Cool Mark White Project Chief AWS Certified Welding Inspector QA QC Inspector Mgr

    AWS Certified Welding Inspector / Pipeline Chief / QA QC Inspector/ Mgr

    Mark Kenneth White
    Milton, FL
    Mobile: 321-427-3935
    US Passport Issued 2/2008

    Summary of qualifications
    Chief, assistant chief, Sr welding Inspector, AWS CWI, Utility as well as office Manager- Pipeline and Compressor Installations-- Inspector
    AWS Certified Welding Inspector exp. 3/18
    Project QA/QC Manager

    Computer Tech Hardware and Software
    NDT Manager / ASNT TC-1A
    LEVEL II RT, PT, MT, VT, and UTThickness
    ARRA Rail car Inspector
    IRRSP Card Holder (expired)
    OSHA Competent Person for Trenching and Ditching (expired)
    ACI Concrete Tester (expired)

    Nuclear Land Density Gauge
    QA/QC Manager for Power Plant Expansion Projects
    Structural Steel
    Pressure Vessel and Piping Inspector
    Coatings and Linings Inspections
    P 91, P 22, P11 P 5 and Stainless Steels.

    Experience with all of the following codes and Standards:
    ASME Div I Pressure Vessels, NBIC.
    ASME sect V, VIII and IX and B31.1B31.3 and B31.8 Pressure Piping
    API 1104 5L, API 510, 650 and 653.
    AWS D1.1, AWS D15.1 Railcars and Bridges.
    ARRA American Rail car Association
    ABS Rules for Materials & Welding-Supp Req for Naval Vessels.
    ACI Concrete, Soils and Compaction Testing.
    Coatings and Linings for Tanks, food grade Railcars.
    Pile Driving, Brinell hardness, Hydro testing

    West Blocton High School Graduate 05/84
    US Army Aviation Electronics 09/85
    National Education Center 1yr 02/86
    Electronic Engineering Technologies
    Computer Technologies
    ISTC Card TX, LA, MS, NJ
    International Union of Operating Engineers 03/92
    40 Hours Ultrasonic Inspection Level I
    Certified Level II UT for Thickness.
    20 Hours Liquid Penetrant Level II
    20 Hours Magnetic Particle Level II
    80 Hours Radiographic Testing Level II
    Radiation Safety 40 Hours

    AWS Certified Welding Inspector Seminar 32 Hours 02/06, Re Qualified 3/2015
    NCCER Safety Training

    Professional Experience:

    Audubon Engineering 8/2016 11/2016

    Project Coordinator, Chief Inspector
    In charge of all field operations related to Station upgrades including ordering all materials, coordination of contractors activities, Welding and NDT all project documentation.
    Issued Hot work permits, hold JSAs perform all tie-ins related to work.

    Cleveland Integrity 5/2016 thru 7/2016
    CWI Welding Inspector for Mechanical Road Bore Installations
    DAPL Spread 2.

    Capital Line Builders 9/2015 thru 12/20/2015
    Utility and field inspections for New Power Transmission lines.
    330 KV from Nebraska to Sibley MO.

    Kinder Morgan via Onshore Offshore 3/2015 thru 9/19/2015
    CWI Welding Inspector / Utility Inspector and Project Documentation DOT
    DOT Document Auditor prior to submission to Corp.
    All 48 CBTs Completed / 10 Op quals

    National Fuel Gas /via Hunt, Guillot & Associates 7/2014- 10/2014
    Project Chief for NFG - Midstream
    Interconnect Station Clermont, PA Project
    In Charge of all Field Inspections, project coordination onsite, and all documentation requirements.

    Kinder Morgan via Onshore Offshore 4/2013 7/2014
    Project Chief / CWI Welding Inspector / Project Documentation DOT Auditor
    I performed work in each capacity on 3 different projects throughout the 2013 Season. I started out as CWI, then took over as Chief when Chief had illness, then was a Senior Welding Inspector at the next project, and lastly worked as DOT Document Auditor prior to submission to Corp. All 48 CBTs Completed / 10 Op quals.

    National Fuel Gas /via Hunt, Guillot & Associates 12/2012- 4/2013
    Project Chief for NFG / Seneca / Midstream
    Interconnect Station Tionesta PA Project
    In Charge of all Field Inspections, project coordination onsite, and all documentation requirements.

    Exxon Mobile /XTO Energy /via Hunt, Guillot & Associates 6/2012- 11/2012
    CWI / Utility / Civil / Hydro Testing, Mainline CWI
    Exxon Mobile / XTO Gas, Mountain Gathering Project

    Elpaso Gas 5/11- 6/2012
    GA, PA, LA and MS.
    Project Chief / CWI and Project Documentation for Main Line &
    Compressor Station Expansions.
    Responsible for documentation and inspections of the following:
    Red Lines, Weld Inspection, Utility Inspector / Coating Inspections.
    NDT Audits, and Hydro Testing.

    Waller Marine 2/11-3/11
    Barcelona, Venezuela
    CWI / Punch List inspector for Package walk downs for Barge mounted HRSGs
    Contract Hired to aid in completion, by former Client rep for FMPA.
    Worked as Owner Representative.

    Zachry 6/09-8/1/2010

    Kissimmee, Fl
    FMPA Power Plant Expansion
    Installation of HRSG with 5 API 650 Tanks and all required piping.
    Power Boiler and all required equipment.
    CWI / Assistant QA/QC Manager / Construction Inspector / Project Documentation
    Witness of Soils and compactions, Concrete Placement and Testing, CWI for Structure Steel, Pressure Piping, Pressure Vessels and Holiday Inspection of all protective coatings and lined tanks, performed all pressure testing Inspections.
    CWI over P91, P22, P11, P4, P1, piping and all Materials.

    Jared of Par Systems Inc. 5/09-6/09
    Naval Defense Contractor
    ASNT TC-1A Level II VT, PT, MT and CWI
    Brought in on Contract to Fill Void, until permanent replacement was mobilized.

    Siemens Water Technologies 12/08-5/09
    Broussard, LA
    Vendor Audits and Surveillance / Project Documentation
    CWI / Coating and Lining Inspections
    API 650 / ASME B31.3 AWS D1.1 ASME Sect V, VIII, IX and NBIC
    New construction of Lined / Coated Tanks with Platforms walkways and ladders for Siemens Water Technologies.

    Turner Industries 10/08-12/08

    LNG Plant Lake Charles LA
    CWI on New Construction LNG Plant, and Marking repairs for X ray, they brought in 10 CWIs as soon as we caught them up they laid everyone of us right back off.

    AccuWeld 7/08-10/08
    Long Island NY
    CWI on Meter Stations and Mainline
    Natural Gas Transmission Lines under constant review of the New York State Safety

    Turner Industries 5/08-7/08
    Chevron, Pascagoula, MS
    Turnaround CWI Inspector Coker Unit

    Premier Worldwide Inc. 2/2008-4/2008
    Houston, TX to Saudi Arabia
    CWI, Onboard Overseas Transport of
    Off Shore Jack-up (445) Drilling Rig while undergoing Modifications to Mud Tank, Preload Tanks, Cement / barite lines and some structure modifications

    Gulf Coast Weld Spec 1/08-2/08
    Beaumont, TX
    Huntsman Chemical Plant
    Shutdown CWI Inspector / NDT Technician
    Texas Required: Industrial Safety Training Council
    Basic Plus Safety Course
    Confined Space Entry
    Maritime Security Requirements

    Sauer 07/07-12/07
    Tampa, FL
    Hillsborough County Waste To Energy Expansion
    Project QA/QC Manager / Project Documentation
    Site Scope: Pile Driving, Soils and compactions, Concrete, Structure Steel, Pressure Piping, Pressure Vessels and protective coatings

    PMSI Power Plant Maintenance Specialist's INC. 03/07-06/07
    Aberdeen, OH
    CWIover Wind Boxes, Boiler Buck Stays, Pre Cip, Economizer Hoppers, and

    Penthouse, ID fans and DA unit

    Rons Computers 12/06-2/07
    Mims, Fl
    Computer Hardware / Software Tec

    Elpaso Gas 11/06
    Houma, LA
    6 Mi Offshore Relocation
    Jetting Barge: Utility / Coating Inspector

    KeySpan Energy 10/06
    Brooklyn, NY

    CWI for LNG Plant and Lines
    Liquid Natural Gas Lines

    Southern Natural Gas/El Paso Energy 08/06-10/06
    Northport, Al
    CWI for Natural Gas Pipeline
    Project: Installation of 24", 6.36 MLS,
    2nd NM, Loop MP 142 Project

    Duke Energy 04/06-05/06
    Indianapolis, IN
    CWI forQC/QA Vendor Audits
    Bag houses and also Flue Gas Desulphurization

    Modernization Project for EPA Compliance

    QSL plus Inspection 03/06-04/06
    Monroe, NC
    Contract Work inspector for Progressive Power Plant
    CWI and Certified Level II RT, PT, MT, UT Thickness.
    All codes Mentioned above with QSL Inspection.

    H and H X-Ray 01/05-12/05
    Monroe, LA / Corpus Christi, TX
    RT, MT, PT, VT and UT Level II

    Performed work for Elpaso Gas Compressor and Meter Stations Lines and Plants

    Precision Inspection 4/03-11-04
    NDT Manager / Customer Representative
    Concrete X ray in Federal Buildings for Government in DC.
    Including the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Prisons,
    US Treasury and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
    Refinery work, Bridges and Pipelines and Waste Water Treatment Plant.

    Core Drilling Services 11/02-4/03
    Chantilly, VA
    Concrete RT Level II

    Primary Interest of X Ray was with Concrete Slabs and Columns and Beams,
    Then Expanded to Include Refinery work as well as Bridges and Pipelines Local, Codes as Listed above with the addition of Bridges AWS.

    ASC Geo-Sciences 11/01-10/02
    Fort Myers, Fl
    ACI Certified for Concrete, use of Troxler Land Density Gauge, Sand Cones.
    Witness Tensioning of Post Tension Cables and Threshold Inspections, Performed Weld Inspections AWS D1.1.

    QSL Inspection 08/96-11/01
    Monroe, NC
    Level IIRT, PT, MT, VT, UT Soundness
    Work performed for General Electric, North Carolina Natural Gas, Piedmont Natural Gas, Teledyne Allvac
    All The Above codes Referenced

    Welding Testing Incorporated 01/96-07/96
    Tuscaloosa, AL
    Pipeline X ray same codes as above.
    Level II RT PT MT VT and Level II UT Soundness

    Inchcape Inspection Services
    Pasadena, TX
    (Contract work Call out from 1994-1997)
    Film Audit and Review at Napa Pipe mill for Manufacture of pipe Kern River and Napa Valley Projects
    Vendor Audits for third Party Inspection.
    Surveillance of Vendors for Dimensional Visual and code Compliance, NBIC, ASME
    The Kern River and Napa Valley Projects were film and in process audits performed at the Napa Pipe mill in Napa Cal.
    The task was to review and audit RT film for all pipe used in the two lines mentioned, along with routine inspections performed on the shop floor during ongoing production.

    Trinity Industries Railcar Division 06/94-01/96
    Birmingham, AL

    Coatings and Linings Inspector
    Visual Weld Inspector Plant Wide.
    Final Inspector.
    Codes AWS D1.1, D15.1 and ARRA.

    Third Party Inspections for Eastman Kodak 03/94-06/94
    American Railcar Facility, Huntington, WV
    Hired to train with two Eastman Kodak Inspectors for 30 days, then to take over as Lead inspector for 200 Food Grade 4 Hopper styed Rail Cars to be fabricated.
    ARRA, Eastman Kodak Specifications, NACE Coatings and Linings.

    Industrial Non Destructive Testing (INDT) 02/92-03/94
    Mobile, AL
    Level II in RT, UT Soundness, MP, PT and VT Level IWork was performed as Level II in
    Paper mills, Chemical Plants, Power Plants, and Refineries.
    Codes ASME, API 1104, B31.1, B31.3 ug51 and ug52.

    H and H X-ray 09/90-11/91
    Tuscaloosa, AL
    Level II RT, MT, PT, and VT
    Cross Country Pipelines and Compressor Stations
    For the following Codes API 1104, B31.1, B31.3.

    Ken Mark Inspection 12/85-08/90
    West Blocton, Al
    Later Named Tri Star Inspection
    Assistant Radiographer Level I and Level II
    Performed Radiological Testing for ASME code Head and Tank Shops,

    Also Heat Exchangers. DAs
    Codes ASME sections V, VIII, IX
    API 510-650-653 Tanks plus American Water works Association Code

    References: Mark Oneill KMI Inspection Coordinator 716-480-2001 Daryl Young Utility Inspector 573-289-9501 Steve Hogan 954-651-4021 Johnathan Lorenso 832-436-3667Attachment 362
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