Exceptionally detailed, organized and highly accurate businessprofessional with the unique ability to successfully manage and completemultiple projects/tasks simultaneously. Well-developed interpersonalcommunication skills, dedicated and supportive with a natural ability todevelop strong working relationships ranging from the client to coworker.
I have over 9 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry, withEngineering & Construction management teams for Natural Gas and RefinedProduct Pipelines and related facilities, with services dedicated primarily tolarge Cap Ex mainline pipeline projects.

  • Project Manager -Cost Control/Administrator, Office Manager/Document Control Manager - Enterprise Products, Houston TX

I reported directly to the Directorof Pipelines and Senior Project manager for multiple Cap Ex projects duringthis period.
White Kitchen to YoakumRich Gas Mainline Project; which consists of 80 miles of 30” pipeline, 76 milesof 26” pipeline, 2- 1 BCFD Meter Stations, 3 – 6000 BBLD Slug Catchers
ATEX Project; which consistsof approx. 1,230 miles of 20” & 16” pipeline from Pennsylvania to Texasthat will deliver ethane refined product from the Marcellus/Utica Shale areasof Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio to the U.S. Gulf Coast.
Front Range Project; which is approximately 415 miles of 12” &16”NGL pipeline from Greely Co, to Skellytown TX,
Seaway II Loop Project; which consists of 565 miles of 30” Crude Oil pipeline from Cushing OK to PortArthur TX.
I oversee and producebudget reports and accruals on all projects. Track cost for each segmentwatching burn rate against approved budget and producing a monthly forecast.Coordinate with vendors (ROW, Survey, Engineering, etc.) to track and report projectstatus. Process and review all invoices verifying proper pay rates and billingcost. I oversee corporate bid proposals and/or material bids from vendor and createrequisitions for the purchase of materials and services.

  • Shilling to Shoup Project for Enterprise Products Company, Robstown, TX

I reported directly toproject construction manager and chief inspector; oversee and manage set up offield engineering & survey offices - 2 and construction office - 1.
Responsibilitiesincluded auditing all invoices from 3 contractors on a cost-plus job andaddressing all discrepancies directly to the contractors and the client; reportdaily updates on the billing process by construction manager and chief;maintain document control system for DOT files, and materials utilized onproject; daily progress reporting; inspector training for reports and paperwork; inspection timekeeping/expense reports 3 spreads. In addition maintainwelding/repair and other miscellaneous logs; audit inspector reports, invoices,spreadsheets, faxes, email and any other duties; provided administrativesupport to client and construction manager.

  • Trinity River Basin Lateral for Enterprise Products Company, Fort Worth TX

I reported directly to the chief inspector for cost control andauditing all unit pay items, addressing all discrepancies to the contractor andthe chief inspector. Responsibilities include auditing all invoices, daily unitpay sheets and report daily updates on the billing process; assist withreporting construction progress to the chief; keeping all DOT files forconstruction office; daily production reporting; training inspectors on reportsand paper work that is required for this project; timekeeping/expense reports.In addition, maintain welding/repair and other miscellaneous logs; work oninspector reports, invoices, spreadsheets, faxes, email and any other duties;provide administrative support to client and chief inspector.
JULY2009 TO MARCH 2010

  • Cost Analyst

Responsible for cost, schedule and risk reporting to RIGS andNON-RIGS project committees. Responsible for budget management and compliance,forecasting, contingency management, change management, purchase orders, workorders, contracts and agreements, schedule of values, and management reporting. I was responsible for tracking 7 activeprojects with total budgets exceeding 6.5 million dollars.

AUGUST 2008 - MARCH 2009

  • Project Administrator

Oneok Pipeline / OK to TX.;
I reported directly to the project construction manager, overseeand manage set up of field engineering & survey offices - 3 and 1construction office - 1. Responsibilities included auditing all invoices from 3contractors on a cost-plus job and addressing all discrepancies directly to thecontractors and the client; report daily updates on the billing process byconstruction manager and chief; maintain document control system for DOT files,and materials utilized on project; daily progress reporting; inspector trainingfor reports and paper work; inspection timekeeping/expense reports 3 spreads. Inaddition maintain welding/repair and other miscellaneous logs; audit inspectorreports, invoices, spreadsheets, faxes, email and any other duties; providedadministrative support to client and construction manager
JUNE 2005 - AUGUST 2008

  • Field Office Manager / Office Billing Manager

Koch Midstream; Minnesota Pipeline Project;
I reported directly to project construction manager,orchestrated a T&M billing plan based on client's agreed upon paymentschedule to contractors utilizing Maximo spreadsheets; reviewed and auditeddaily T & M contract tickets; addressed discrepancies directly withcontractors' billing department; supplied daily billing updates to client andproject management team; tracked company materials received vs. installed;reviewed daily chief inspector's report to support; entered inspectors' dailyreports into a timekeeping system; daily welding/repair and other miscellaneouslogs; performed administrative duties including invoices, spreadsheets, faxes,and email
Project Management Academy,Houston TX Currently enrolled to obtain my PMP certificate
SCSUAAS, Business,1985
Minnesota School of Business A.A.S, BusinessAdministration
Rasmussen CollegeB.S, BusinessAdministration